Introduction to the Vows

This is the lead-in to the time-honored tradition of the exchange of vows.

Introduction to the Vows 1

The exchange of wedding vows is the oldest part of the wedding ceremony.  These are the words that couples for centuries have spoken to one another and, while they may be simple words, they are powerful and important.

Let me offer you a few words.

Be kind to each other.  And when you disagree, do it respectfully.  Be forgiving with each other.  Keep your hearts and your minds open.  Never forget to talk to each other, to share the high moments and the low.  And always remember to share laughter.

Introduction to the Vows 2



This is the moment that bridges your past as individuals and your future as a couple.  No other vows are more sacred than the ones you are about to say to each other.  Love is a gift, the foundation of your lives for years to come.  You have chosen each other, to care for one another, to stand up for one another.

Introduction to the Vows 3

Today, your wedding day, is but one, brief day in your life.  And although your vows are given in a matter of moments, they are promises that will last a lifetime.